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Since 2015, Cuming County History is the world’s only organization that spent years and huge amount of money to invent the best possible, most technologically advanced, modified cigarette in the world, exclusively obtainable here. New vape mods, 160 e juices with a large number of flavor combos, and vape starter kits suitable for smokers.

Convection or Conduction Vape

One of the first queries we get from persons buying organic vaporizers is, ‘which is way better? A convection or conduction vape?’ Each approach to heating dried out herb, concentrates, or wax features its positives and negatives. What you choose is entirely up to your individual preference, but we wished to help offer you a headstart on your own journey. This blog offers you just a little history about both strategies and explains the key advantages and disadvantages of convection vs. conduction in dry herb vaporizers.


When dry out herb vaporizers first appeared available to buy more than 40 years back, conduction was the big way everyone used to heating their herbal blends. The basic homes of the conduction approach can be comprehended by cracking open a dusty old science textbook. For our needs, it’s important to know how dried out herb converts to vapor by using conduction heating.

A good conduction vape heats dry herb or wax by coming into direct connection with the substance you are vaping. A heating source radiates immediately onto the dried out herb, causing it to convert to vapor. Below are a few of the benefits of conduction heating in natural vaporizers.

  • Shorter heating times
  • Products are much easier to make and less expensive

As with any program, there are some drawbacks to vaping herb with a good conduction heating system.

  • Threat of accidental combustion
  • Have to shake the dried out herb before heating to avoid combustion
    Difficult for newer users to master


Over time, engineers discovered you can vape dried out herb and wax via convection, which radiates heating from ceramic or stainless and transfers it around and through your dried out herb or wax. In convection vaping, heat source will not contact the dried out herb immediately. There are several noticeable rewards to this technique, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

  • Herbal blend heats extra evenly
  • Temperature control is more accurate
  • Less threat of accidental combustion.

Convection has turned into a preferred approach to herbal vaping, but it’s not perfect. Below are a few things to consider.

  • Longer heating times
  • Dry herb vaporizers could be more expensive

There’s a lot to consider when you select a convection or perhaps conduction vape for herbal remedies and concentrates. Fortunately, Vapor4Life sells organic vaporizers that work with either conduction or convection heat, and you possess your pick of the best vape pens available. In the event that you still have concerns, tell us in the feedback. We’re happy to help!

We Love Smoking; We Love Smokers

Keep Smoking cigarettes with the Vapor4Lifestyle Disposable E-Cig

Vapor4Life’s mission is to create products for smokers. Our founder, Steve SMILIN Milin wants to smoke cigarettes. He invested four years and huge amount of money to make a simple and powerful way to meet ALL smokers. Steve built, patented, and generated his very own products to satisfy his own most significant critic (and past five-pack-a-day smoker) himself. That is to provide smokers with a satisfying and effective way to keep cigarette smoking, only smarter. Actually, Steve hasn’t touched a tobacco cigarette since 2008, but he says he even now smokes every day. Now you can too, with our V4L disposable e-cig.

FACT: Half of most smokers in America have tried vapor cigarettes. The difficulty is that the products they tried didn’t replicate the smoking cigarettes experience, or come close to satisfying a genuine smoker.

Once Steve invented his own answer, he made Vapor4Life’s simple two-step method to greatly help serious smokers exactly like him. It performed for him. It performed for me personally. We guarantee it will work for everybody who’s seriously interested in finding smoking fulfillment with goods that are 95-99% less harmful than tobacco smokes, according to Public Overall health England and other professionals.

Step one 1: WOW Vapor Disposable: World’s #1-Rated Disposable E-Cig

Get a Vapor4Existence WOW disposable tobacco or menthol e-cigarette for $1 through the use of promo code STEPONE. Here are several things that place our e-cigarettes above the rest:

  • 9 out of 10 focus group participants desired Vapor4Life’s disposable e-cig over blu or NJOY
  • Equal to greater than a pack . 5 of cigarettes
  • 2.6% nicotine gives the throat hit smokers want
  • Soft tip feels as though a cigarette filter
  • Like paying 10 cents per cigarette

That’s right, Vapor4Lifestyle wants you to use our two-step method to hold smoking. Wouldn’t you wish to discover a way to smoke without tar, no tobacco, nothing ash, no stinky cigarette smell on your own clothing? It’s less unsafe and more satisfying.

Many customers stick to our disposable e-cig. Others approach on to Step two 2, which we’ll speak about in an upcoming web log. Like us on Facebook to remain tuned!