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Senator Minority Innovator Chuck Schumer Wishes FDA Regulations Sped Back Up

Senate Minority Head Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is trying to ruin a very important thing for vapers (and really for smokers too). Just weeks after FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb declared that the FDA’s vaping regulations will be delayed, Schumer is normally pressing to enact the FDA restrictions sooner than soon after and he’s going for a familiar strategy: combining fear-mongering and kids to villainize vaping.

According to CBS, Schumer is contacting the FDA to go swiftly forwards with their oversight regulations, citing studies which have shown an increasing number of teens have at least attempted e-cigarettes. Schumer is especially motivated by devices just like the Juul, which some declare teenagers are concealing while in institution and vaping while in the bathroom.

Even if you disregard the fact that various other studies contradict the idea that teens are vaping in increasing quantities, Schumer’s attack on e-cigarettes doesn’t seem sensible. For just one, he’s ignoring the new, surprisingly sensible entrance by the FDA that vaping could be a preferred option to smoking.

In August, the FDA announced that it had been shifting its method of e-cigs and looking into easing constraints on vaping and different innovative tobacco products which may be less hazardous than cigarettes. If that is one big step forward, Schumer is usually insisting we take on two giant leaps back again.

Schumer features yet to introduce any legislation on the matter, so hopefully, that is all just political rhetoric seeing as 2018 approaches and will all blow over. For the time being, New York Post information that Schumer has advised electronic digital cigarettes cause nicotine craving and he’s named e-cigs a ‘ticking period bomb’. I don’t find out about you, but for most vapers, they fight in words.

BREAKING: FDA Takes Purpose In Juul With Youth Tobacco Avoidance Plan

The FDA announced Tuesday that it’s continue with a Youth Tobacco Prevention Intend to tackle underage vaping and smoking. The initiative especially targets the Juul pod system, which includes received bad press recently as a result of its alleged work with by teens and high school students.

The Youth Tobacco Prevention System will:

  1. Issue caution letters to vendors who offer Juul pod devices to minors
  2. Conduct a ‘large-scale nationwide blitz’ of retail establishments
  3. Require Juul to submit files to raised understand the reportedly great rates of youth apply and this youth appeal of these products
  4. Do something to foreclose sales of Juul to minors in the Internet

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb recommended that the portability, high nicotine amounts, and appearance that carefully resembles a USB flash drive of the Juul could be appealing to children.

The Youth Tobacco Prevention Method is not limited by Juul products, though Juul appears to be the catalyst for the action.

The announcement comes just a few months after the FDA announced its growing support of e-cigarettes.

FDA Puts Hang On Terrifying Torture Of Monkeys For Nicotine Research

The FDA recently eliminate its ongoing torture of monkeys with regard to nicotine research after an individual appeal from primatologist and animal advocate Jane Goodall. Among the cruel experiments, the monkeys were pressured to undergo was one test where they were in a position to dosage themselves with nicotine.

In a September letter addressed to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Goodall wrote, ‘I have been told that FDA experts implant squirrel monkeys as young as one-year-old with devices to provide nicotine straight into their bloodstreams. The young primates are then positioned in restraint units and taught to press levers to get doses of nicotine’.

The purpose of the experiment by the FDA was to allegedly to find out more on the partnership between nicotine and addiction.

Goodall outlined the medial side effects of this torture found in chilling details in her letter. ‘The ill-effects of the nicotine, evidently recorded on video and documented, are said to incorporate vomiting, diarrhea, and tremors’, she said, noting that a number of the primates had been kept caged for 3 years.

According to Washington Post, Gottlieb put a maintain on the nicotine research and ordered a crew of primate specialists to judge the protection and well-being of the monkeys and understand whether now there are additional safety measures needed at the FDA’s study center.

The study which may still be resumed at some time may be tied to the FDA’s recent announcement that it had been planning to lower the number of nicotine in cigarettes to amounts that aren’t addictive.

Here’s hoping the monkeys will no longer need to endure the same senseless physical torture and loss of life that smokers have experienced for years.